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Hello from MrMobile & CrackBerry Kevin

Hey there, thanks for checking out Clicks!

We know you’re busy and there’s a lot of amazing tech out there for you to spend your time and energy on, so we’re truly grateful you’ve opened this guide up to learn a bit more about our first product. We’re excited for you to get your thumbs on it!

Clicks started out as an idea, but once we printed 3D models of the initial design concept and got into our hands… THAT WAS IT. It felt right, or rather, it just… clicked. From that moment the mission was on to bring it to the world.

We started Clicks Technology as a new tech company and assembled the DREAM TEAM of KEYBOARDS to bring Clicks for iPhone to life. Our teams are composed of the most talented keyboard-loving industrial designers, engineers and product specialists from around the globe… folks who have launched some of history’s most notable smartphones and devices at the biggest tech companies in the world.

So, while we're starting with one product, Clicks isn't planning to be a one-trick pony. We’re building a proper tech brand and have an ambitious roadmap that will be keeping us busy, and our customers delighted for years, and hopefully decades to come!

If you have any questions feel free to email!

In the meantime, Stay Mobile!

Michael Fisher
@captain2phones / @themrmobile

Kevin Michaluk

Quick Start Guide


Clicks + iPhone

1.1. Slide iPhone in to Clicks.

Take care not to bend the lightning port.

1.2. Once securely clicked in, adjust the top of clicks around iPhone.


Clicks Basics


Capitalize letters. Press once for Shift and twice for caps lock.


Press once for numbers & symbols and press twice for 123 lock.


Tap into powerful iOS shortcuts across apps.


Tap for speech-to-text. Hold to activate Siri.


Access symbols /emojis / Show and Hide iOS keyboard.

Caps Lock:

Double press Shift to lock uppercase characters. Press Shift again to disengage.

123 +

Press together to turn on/off backlight.


Shortcuts for Ultimate Control

Keyboard shortcuts

To use a shortcut, press and hold CMD + another key. Here are the examples:

When in



Any app


Return to home screen

Any app

CMD + Space

Activate Spotlight search



New tab



Close tab



Delete email



Reply to email

Clicks works with many 3rd party app shortcuts too!

Holding Clicks

Cradle your iPhone

Hold your iPhone like you normally do a large touchscreen phone. For most people, this means with one hand putting your pinky at the bottom of the phone and cradling the back of the phone with the rest of your hand - ring finger across the vegan leather pad on the back and your index finger higher up towards the middle of the device. From there your other hand is free to move around for both typing or for moving up to tap on your screen.

The Prayer Position

If you grip the phone with both hands at the very bottom of the keyboard your may find it feeling top heavy. This grip position works for short devices (like older smartphones that had buttons built in), but for a larger modern touchscreen smartphone with a keyboard the most comfortable way to hold it is the Cradle position. This is comfortable, gives you a good grip and thumb position for typing and provides the best balance.

Getting Addicted to Clicks

Whether you’re a former smartphone keyboard typer or it’s your first time, there’s always an adjustment period to get used to typing on buttons. Clicks for iPhone users typically report a learning curve that goes along these lines:

  • 20 Minutes to learn Clicks and get used to pushing buttons
  • 2 Hours to get comfortable with the Clicks keyboard layout and controls so you're using alternate characters, symbols and emoji with ease
  • 2 Days to master Clicks typing and start putting shortcuts to use and figuring out which apps you find Clicks adds the most value
  • 2 Weeks to build up the muscle memory and become addicted to Clicks (you’ll never want to use your iPhone again without Clicks!)

It’s completely normal for typing on buttons to feel a little foreign at first and it will take some getting used to learn where all the buttons are and making capital letters and alternate characters.

Adding a keyboard to the iPhone is a new experience that we equate to picking up a musical instrument. You’re never going to be able to play beautiful music straight away - it takes some practice. Once you get over the initial learning curve though it becomes a skill that is second nature.

Keep in mind that while you’re getting used to typing on Clicks you can still use the touchscreen keyboard on iOS even while your iPhone is attached to Clicks. Just because the buttons are there doesn’t mean you have to use them all the time.

Once you’re up to speed with Clicks you’ll find your own preferred way of using your Clicks-ified iPhone.

Product Features & Specs

for iPhone 14 Pro

$139 USD






Key diameter: 5.6mm
Key travel: 0.2mm



Port Function

Supports charging, data transfer, Apple CarPlay


BumbleBee, London Sky


Upper enclosure: Liquid Silicon
Keyboard: Polycarbonate (PC)
Keyboard Material: PC + Silicon
Back Cover: Vegan Leather
Keyboard Domes: Plated Nickel

for iPhone 15 Pro

$139 USD






Key diameter: 5.6mm
Key travel: 0.2mm



Port Function

Supports fast charging


BumbleBee, London Sky


Upper enclosure: Liquid Silicon
Keyboard: Polycarbonate (PC)
Keyboard Material: PC + Silicon
Back Cover: Vegan Leather
Keyboard Domes: Plated Nickel

for iPhone 15 Pro Max

$159 USD






Key diameter: 6.3mm
Key travel: 0.2mm
Dedicated backlighting for 123 and Shift keys



Port Function

Supports fast charging


BumbleBee, London Sky


Upper enclosure: Liquid Silicon
Keyboard: Polycarbonate (PC)
Keyboard Material: PC + Silicon
Back Cover: Vegan Leather
Keyboard Domes: Plated Nickel

Clicks is built to extend the power of iPhone

What’s a creator keyboard? It’s a tool that extends what people love about the iPhone for creation. Clicks free up the screen for content, makes it easy to create on the go, and helps users take full control of their phone with keyboard shortcuts.

More Space for Content

Virtual keyboards take up to 50% of the screen real estate today. This creates a challenge now that a lot of app experiences are built around consuming and creating content at the same time. Clicks moves the keyboard off the display making more room available for apps and content.

Take Control with Shortcuts

Many Mac and iPad users have come to rely on keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Clicks brings these to iPhone for the first time. Fly through tasks with keyboard shortcuts and dedicated keys that give you ultimate control of your phone.

Many popular iOS keyboard shortcuts are supported by Clicks and we continue to discover more that work everyday!

Wake/Unlock Your iPhone

Tap a button on keyboard to wake screen and unlock with FaceID (no need to swipe on touchscreen!)

iOS global shortcuts

CMD + H = return to home
CMD + Space = launch search
Press & hold Microphone button to activate Siri


CMD + N to compose a new message
CMD + R to reply to message
CMD + T to respond with emphasis
CMD + I to show contact information


CMD + N to compose a new email
CMD + L filter inbox
Tab: search inbox

In an email
BACKSPACE (delete current message
CMD + R to reply
CMD + A to select all


Space bar: scroll site, one page at a time
CMD + N for new tab
CMD + W to close current tab
CMD + Y for history
CMD + I to send current page via email
CMD + F to find on page


CMD + F to search for music
CMD + N for new playlist

Photos & Videos

Return to enter editing mode

Voice Notes

CMD + N starts a new voice note recording
CMD + S stops and saves a voice note recording


Space bar: start/stop video clip playback
CMD + B: split flip
CMD + R: rotate clip

You will also find many shortcuts work within third party apps.

Easy on and off

Other product details

Unibody design

Fits snug and feels like a natural extension of your iPhone.

Precision tuned buttons

The perfect balance of click, resistance, and feedback for fast, accurate typing.

All the right keys

A familiar layout with new keys for voice input, commands, tab and more.


Toggle on the keyboard backlight for typing at night or in the dark.

Pass through charging

Connect to iPhone with Lightning (iPhone 14 Pro) or USB-C (iPhone 15 Pro

Wireless charging

Supports wireless charging.


Here are some of the most common questions about Clicks. If you’ve got more questions, check out the full FAQs or send us an email at

Is Clicks coming to Android smartphones?

Right now we’re focused on building the best creator keyboard possible for iPhone. That’s not to say we won’t support Android smartphones in the future. The fragmented nature of the Android ecosystem does introduce some challenges, so for now we’re staying focused on making a great product iPhone users would love.

Will Clicks be available in QWERTZ, AZERTY, Arabic and other keyboards?

We are aiming to support additional keyboard layouts based on demand.

Can I charge my iPhone while Clicks is on it?

Yes. You can still charge your iPhone with Clicks with the Lightning or USB-C port at the bottom of the keyboard as you typically would. Clicks also works with many wireless charging solutions too.

Does Clicks have a battery?

No. Clicks does not contain a battery. We intentionally designed Clicks to connect directly to the iPhone via the Lightning or USB-C connector for an optimal user experience. This approach helps to reduce overall weight, avoids having to charge Clicks and ensures a better connection.

Can I use Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro with another iPhone model?

While other iPhones may fit inside Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro, we don’t recommend this approach. Given the custom moulded design, using Clicks on an iPhone other than the model it was intended for may result in blocking the speaker or microphone. Your best bet is to fill out this form and get notified when Clicks is available for your model.

Does Clicks support MagSafe?

Clicks is not a Made for MagSafe accessory. In our testing we have found that iPhone will still connect to many MagSafe wireless chargers. However, other MagSafe accessories may not work as expected. We are considering a Made for MagSafe version of Clicks in the future.

Will Clicks impact my iPhone’s battery life?

In everyday use we have not experienced any meaningful difference in battery life while using Clicks. When the iPhone is active and the keyboard is not in use there is very little demand on the battery. When typing on Clicks, a small amount of iPhone battery is used to power the LED keyboard backlight (if it has been enabled). The backlight turns on automatically as you start typing, and times out after 5 seconds when you stop.

With the keyboard backlight turned off battery usage will typically be less than ~2% - even on a heavy use day. If the keyboard backlight is on, usage may increase up to another ~2%.

Keyboard backlighting defaults can be set within the Clicks App and the backlight can be turned on/off directly from the keyboard with the CMD+🌐 shortcut.

Does Clicks use Bluetooth to pair with the iPhone?

No. Clicks pairs directly to your iPhone using the Lightning or USB-C connection built into the Clicks keyboard. This design creates an optimal user experience as no pairing process is required to connect your iPhone to Clicks, and it eliminates any latency issues.

Can I type on Clicks while I’m on the phone?

Absolutely! But keep in mind, we optimize the keyboard for that perfect sounding click. So, if you’re on talking on speaker while typing on Clicks, the other person might hear you typing. A stealthy workaround in those situations is to press the %+= button and type silently on the on-screen keyboard.

If you’ve got other questions send us an email at