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Founders Edition FAQs

When will my Clicks ship?

We’re on track with the roll out of Founders Edition Clicks keyboards. Here’s the most up to date schedule for shipments:

Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro (all colors):  Now shipping
Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro (all colors):  Shipments are under and will continue through April.
Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro Max (all colors): Shipments beginning April 30th

You will receive a confirmation email and tracking details as soon as your shipment leaves our warehouse.

How do I change my shipping address?

Easy! Send an email to Be sure to include:
1. Your order number (found on your confirmation email)
2. Your correct address for shipping

Can I switch the colour of my Clicks order?

Send an email to with your order number (found on your confirmation email) and the color of Clicks keyboard you want to change to. We will try our best to accommodate your request based on product availability.

How do I cancel my order?

While we’d be super disappointed for you to not get Clicks into your hands, we understand that things happen. Send an email to with your order number (found on your confirmation email) and we can cancel your order before it ships out. A full refund will take 5-7 days.

The backlight isn’t working, what do I do?

Have you tried the CMD + globe keyboard shortcut to toggle the backlight on/off? We’ve heard from some founders edition customers that because they’re typing so fast that sometimes they inadvertently toggle the backlight off. If this doesn’t solve the issues, email us at and we will help you out.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please email the Clicks team at

Product Questions

Can I charge my iPhone with Clicks?

Yes. You can still charge your iPhone with Clicks as normal via the Lightning or USB-C port at the bottom of the keyboard. Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone models that use the Lightning connector, support standard charging, Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro, and models that use the USB-C connector, support fast charging.

Clicks is also compatible with wireless chargers, so you can charge your iPhone through the back of Clicks as you normally would do.

Does Clicks have a battery?

No. Clicks does not contain a battery. We intentionally designed Clicks to connect directly to the iPhone via the Lightning or USB-C connector to deliver an optimal user experience. This approach also eliminates the need for a dedicated battery which helps to reduce overall weight.

Does Clicks use Bluetooth to pair with the iPhone?

No. Clicks connects directly to your iPhone with the Lightning or USB-C connector built into the Clicks keyboard. This design provides an optimal user experience as no pairing process is required to connect your iPhone to Clicks. It also eliminates latency in typing which can occur in Bluetooth-connected keyboards.

Will Clicks impact my iPhone’s battery life?

In everyday use we have not experienced any meaningful difference in battery life while using Clicks.

Clicks draws minimal power from your iPhone’s battery. When the iPhone is active and the keyboard is not in use there is very little demand on the battery. When typing on Clicks, a small amount of iPhone battery is used to power the LED keyboard backlight (if it has been enabled). The backlight turns on automatically as you start typing, and times out after 5 seconds when you stop.

When the backlight is turned off, even on an heavy use day battery usage will typically be less than ~2%. If backlight is on, usage may increase up to another ~2%.

Keyboard backlighting defaults can be set within the Clicks App and the backlight can be turned on/off directly from the keyboard with the CMD+🌐 shortcut.

Can I use Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro with another iPhone model?

While other iPhones may fit inside Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro, we don’t recommend this approach. Given the custom moulded design, using Clicks on an iPhone other than the model it was intended for may result in blocking the speaker or microphone. Your best bet is to fill out this form and get notified when Clicks is available for your model.

Does Clicks support MagSafe?

Clicks is not a Made for MagSafe accessory. In our testing we have found that iPhone will still connect to many MagSafe wireless chargers. However, other MagSafe accessories may not work as expected. We are considering a Made for MagSafe version of Clicks in the future.

Is Clicks Made for iPhone certified?

During the development of Clicks we followed all of the guidelines in Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFI) program with the goal of Clicks for iPhone obtaining Made for iPhone certification.

Clicks is a first of its kind handheld keyboard. Apple does not currently have a certification available for this category of product as it has not existed. Our hope is for this to be a new category that is acknowledged within MFI.

When Clicks becomes Made for iPhone certified we will update our product packaging and messaging to reflect this approval.

In the meantime, our goal remains unchanged and that is to build the highest quality product possible that meets Apple’s MFI standards.

Does Clicks work with my wired Apple Earpods?

No. One of the tradeoffs of using the keyboard with the Apple lightning connector is that Earpods with wired headphones are not supported. We’re working on a solution for this. Please note that Airpods and other wireless earphones work great when using Clicks.

Can I use another case with Clicks?

No. Clicks is designed to work with a standard iPhone. Any cases or thick skins will need to be removed prior to using Clicks. Screen protectors will not affect the usage of Clicks and can remain installed.

Is Clicks IP67 rated / water resistant?

No. Making a water resistant keyboard would require the keys to be sealed and would impact the optimal typing.

Do not go swimming with Clicks. Caution should be taken to remove Clicks when going into environments that are going to be wet and/or extremely humid in nature.

How durable is Clicks? Can it take a fall?

While Clicks is not being sold or marketed as a case at this time, the nature of its design will offer a degree of added protection to your iPhone against scratches, minor bumps and drops - similar as to how a silicon rubber case would.

In terms of the everyday on and off use, Clicks for iPhone has been tested to withstand over 2,000 installations and removals.

We do not recommend dropping Clicks but understand that drops can happen. While damage from a drop is not covered under warranty, we have found to date that Clicks has proven to be quite durable in everyday use.

Can I use wired CarPlay and transfer data with Clicks?

This depends on your iPhone model.

Clicks for the iPhone 14 Pro (and models that use Apple’s lightning connector) support both charging and data, meaning that while Clicks is on your iPhone you can use CarPlay or transfer data on your Mac via the lightning connector (Note: connecting to iTunes on PC not supported when Clicks is installed).

Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro (and models that use USB-C) only support fast charging while Clicks is on your iPhone. At this time, the USB-C connector will not allow for both Clicks to be connected to the iPhone and allow for data and charging. This means using wired CarPlay or transfer data will require you to remove your iPhone from Clicks. Listening to music via Bluetooth and connecting to CarPlay wirelessly will still work with Clicks installed.

Is there any lag while typing with Clicks?

No. Clicks connects directly to your iPhone via the Apple Lightning or USB-C connector ensuring an ultra-fast connection and typing experience.

Can I still type on the touchscreen keyboard with Clicks?

Yes. Pressing the %+= symbol key on Clicks will open and close the iOS touchscreen keyboard. Once open, you can use the iOS keyboard as you normally would. This allows you to access additional symbols that are not on the Clicks keyboard along with accessing Emoji.

Pressing the %+= symbol key again will close the iOS touchscreen keyboard and return to typing input being provided by the Clicks keyboard.

Can I type on Clicks while I’m on the phone?

Absolutely! But keep in mind, we optimize the keyboard for that perfect sounding click. So, if you’re on talking on speaker while typing on Clicks, the other person might hear you typing. A stealthy workaround in those situations is to press the %+= button and type silently on the on-screen keyboard.

Can I insert Emoji into my messages while using Clicks?

Yes. We wanted to include an Emoji button on the Clicks keyboard, however this feature is not currently supported by iOS external keyboard support. Until Apple supports this feature there are two methods of inputting Emoji with Clicks:

Method 1 - Symbol Key: Press %+= on Clicks to open the iOS touchscreen keyboard and tap the Emoji menu.

Method 2 - Language Key: Pressing the 🌐 button on Clicks will allow you to toggle between languages on the device. Emoji is treated as a language and can be accessed via this button. To configure this Method, you must first add an additional language to iOS if you do not already have one installed (even if you never plan to use that language). Once an additional language is installed, pressing the 🌐 will move between keyboards so you can quickly pull up the emoji tray. This hack effectively turns the 🌐 into an Emoji shortcut on Clicks.

To configure this method, go to: iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Once the additional language is added, ensure Emoji is listed as the second language.

Do you need to install the Clicks app to use Clicks?

No. Simply insert your iPhone into Clicks and it will begin working automatically. Clicks tied into the default iOS keyboard and its support for external keyboard accessories.

The Clicks app for iPhone will bring additional features to Clicks, but is not required for basic functionality including support for iOS native shortcuts and many third party app shortcuts.

When available in AppStore, the Clicks app will allow you to configure preferences on Clicks, including changing backlight settings as well as Shift lock and 123 lock settings.

Future versions of the app will unlock even more features. Stay tuned for updates!

What shortcuts are supported?

Many iOS shortcuts are supported by Clicks and we continue to discover more that work everyday!

Here are some of our favorites to get you started:

Wake/Unlock Your iPhone - tap any button on the keyboard to wake screen and unlock with FaceID (no need to swipe on touchscreen!)

iOS global shortcuts
CMD + H = return to home
CMD + Space = launch search
Press & hold Microphone button to activate Siri

CMD + N to compose a new message
CMD + R to reply to message
CMD + T to respond with emphasis
CMD + I to show contact information

CMD + N to compose a new email
CMD + L filter inbox
Tab: search inbox

In an email
BACKSPACE (delete current message)
CMD + R to reply
CMD + A to select all

Space bar: scroll site, one page at a time
CMD + N for new tab
CMD + W to close current tab
CMD + Y for history
CMD + I to send current page via email
CMD + F to find on page

CMD + F to search for music
CMD + N for new playlist

Photos & Videos
Return to enter editing mode

Voice Notes
CMD + N starts a new voice note recording
CMD + S stops and saves a voice note recording

Space bar: start/stop video clip playback
CMD + B: split flip
CMD + R: rotate clip

You will also find many shortcuts work within third party apps.

Product Availability Questions

Where can I buy Clicks?

Clicks is currently available for purchase on our website at

We are also exploring retail and distribution partnerships that will bring Clicks to retail locations. Stay tuned for announcements.

Can I try Clicks before buying it?

No. At this time Clicks can only be ordered on our website at

When will Clicks be available for more iPhone models?

We are ramping up our production of Clicks for iPhone in the first half of 2024.

In Q1 we are launching Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Will Clicks be available in more colors?

Clicks is all about expressing yourself and so we plan to make Clicks available in a variety of colors.

Some colors will be everyday staples while others will be offered as limited edition drops or collaborations with other brands. We’ve heard from users that they plan to collect and use them all to match their style and mood!

If you’d like to suggest a color, fill out our Clicks Reservations form - we have a survey question on it asking what color you’d love to see Clicks in.

Will Clicks be available in QWERTZ, AZERTY, Arabic and other keyboards?

We are aiming to support additional keyboard layouts based on demand.

Is Clicks coming to Android smartphones?

Do you think we should? If so, let us know on our Clicks Reservation page.  On the first question select the “I don’t use an iPhone” option and let us know what Android (or other) smartphone you’d like to see Clicks support.

Clicks Tips

How do you to take Clicks on and off your iPhone?

Clicks goes on and off your iPhone in seconds.

To connect Clicks, align your iPhone above the opening. At a shallow angle first insert the bottom of your iPhone into Clicks, slipping it over the Lightning or USB-C connector. Then press the top of the iPhone down into the upper body of Clicks.

To remove, pop the top of your iPhone out of Clicks by pressing gently on your iPhone’s camera housing from the backside of Clicks. Next, pull your iPhone out at a shallow angle.

WARNING: Do not insert or remove Clicks at a steep angle. This could lead to damaging the lightning or USB-C connector and impacting functionality of your Clicks keyboard. This damage is not covered under warranty.

What is the best way to hold Clicks?

Watch video

✅ Cradle your iPhone: Hold your iPhone like you normally do a large touchscreen phone. For most people, this means with one hand putting your pinky at the bottom of the phone and cradling the back of the phone with the rest of your hand - ring finger across the vegan leather pad on the back and your index finger higher up towards the middle of the device. From there your other hand is free to move around for both typing or for moving up to tap on your screen.

❌ The Prayer Position: If you grip the phone with both hands at the very bottom of the keyboard your may find it feeling top heavy. This grip position works for short devices (like older smartphones that had buttons built in), but for a larger modern touchscreen smartphone with a keyboard the most comfortable way to hold it is the Cradle position. This is comfortable, gives you a good grip and thumb position for typing and provides the best balance.

Power User Pro Tip: If you live on your phone and type all day long, adding a phone ring or pop socket style accessory to the back of Clicks will give you even more grip and usability. This is super helpful if you’re using Clicks in bed with your arms outstretched above your head.

Where do you carry Clicks when not in use?

This is a personal decision, but we’re big fans of rocking Clicks in our back pocket with the #ButtonsOut.

If there’s enough demand, now that Clicks has brought buttons back to smartphones maybe we’ll work on a belt holster to carry your Clicks next (just kidding.. Some things actually should stay in the past!)

How long does it take to get used to using Clicks?

Whether you’re a former smartphone keyboard typer or it’s your first time, there’s always an adjustment period to get used to typing on buttons. In testing Clicks over the last year, here has been our experience:

2 Hours to learn how to use it
2 Days to become proficient with it
2 Weeks to build up muscle memory and become addicted to it (you’ll never want to use your iPhone again without Clicks!)

It’s completely normal for typing on real buttons to feel foreign at first. It will take some time to learn where all the buttons are and get used to making capital letters and alternate characters.

Adding a keyboard to the iPhone is a new experience. Think of it like picking up a musical instrument; you don’t expect to pick it up and play beautiful music on day one - it takes some practice. Once you get over the initial learning curve though it becomes a skill that is second nature.

Keep in mind that while you’re getting used to typing on Clicks you can still use the touchscreen keyboard on iOS even while your iPhone is attached to Clicks. Just because the buttons are there doesn’t mean you have to use them all the time.

Once you’re up to speed with Clicks you’ll find your own preferred way of using your Clicks-ified iPhone.

Why would I want to type on buttons on my phone?

It’s not about typing faster on buttons than you do tapping on a touchscreen, but typing better. There’s a reason we use keyboards with real buttons when we’re on our computers and tablets.

Here’s some of the major and more specific reasons why people love having a real keyboard on their smartphone:

1. You can likely type faster and more accurately with real buttons while you’re doing “stuff” - Touchscreens are fast when you’re sitting still, but once you’re moving it’s another story. Real buttons can’t be beat for accuracy.

2. They feel oh so good - pushing a button is just satisfying. You can get into a typing rhythm and cadence that tapping on glass just does not provide. Instead of waiting to get back to your desk to send that long message or handle your task, with a real keyboard you’ll tackle the task on your phone, wherever you are.
3. You can type with your eyes closed - Once you build up the muscle memory, you can literally type out messages without looking, and have the confidence it says what you want it to say.
4. Easier to type passwords, real names, proper nouns, etc. - The accuracy of typing makes these things all so much easier to type right the first time.
5. Saving seconds with keyboard shortcuts - Having buttons unlocks the ability to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts on iPhone for the first time. So many Mac users live by their shortcuts. Clicks unlocks that on iPhone in a way that’s never been done before.
6. Make Your Statement and ExPREss YouRSELF HoWeVer U WanTZZZ - Emoji and Memoji aside, when it comes to words it’s just easier to express your personality while typing with buttons.
7. Easier to type with Longer Fingernails or if you have Shaky Fingers - Real buttons are just more forgiving than touchscreens for typing.
8. Cold weather typing is much easier  - A lot of winter gloves now come with a capacitive layer that allows you to tap your touchscreen with them on. Those thin gloves work even better for typing on buttons. Keep those fingers warm.
9. Real buttons will never hate your thumbs - It’s a weird fact that typing on touchscreens rely on the oils in your skin to make that capacitive typing connection work. As we age we produce less of these oils, and sometimes – like when you get out of the swimming pool – these are just stripped away from your skin. It’s like your touchscreen just won’t recognize your fingers and typing doesn’t work. This never happens with real buttons.
10. Typing on buttons just feels oh so good - this one is worth repeating :)

Pricing, Shipping, Warranty, Returns

What does Clicks cost?

Pricing for the Founders Edition Clicks for iPhone is as follows:

Clicks for iPhone 14 Pro - $139USD
Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro - $139USD
Clicks for iPhone 15 Pro Max - $159USD

If Clicks is ordered outside of the US, it will be charged in USD converted to the currency of your credit card or payment method.

As we ramp up our distribution in 2024 with inventory in local markets including the UK and Canada we will also introduce regional pricing for the UK, Canada, Europe to reflect those markets. Stay tuned for future pricing and availability announcements.

Where does Clicks ship from and what does shipping cost?

The Clicks Founders Edition for iPhone 14 Pro is shipping from our warehouse in Hong Kong to your door.

There are standard and express shipping options with pricing based on your location. All shipping includes tracking information.

As we roll out our full support for other Clicks models we will have local shipping options available in the US, Canada and UK.

What is the Clicks warranty policy?

Clicks products come with a 1 year warranty on the device, which covers any manufacturing defects to the hardware.

To begin a return, please contact us at

What is the Clicks return policy?

We're confident that you'll love Clicks like we do!

Orders can be canceled anytime before shipping. After delivery, products must be returned with all packaging and manuals, within 44 days. Why 44 days? After years of typing on glass it can take up to two weeks to master Clicks and feel so confident you could type with your eyes closed. We want to give you the time to build that muscle memory before having to make a decision on whether Clicks is right for you.

See Terms of Sale for more info.

To begin a warranty claim, please contact us at